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Marketing a book is a job in itself.  I am looking for ways or resources to help me. Canva.com to the rescue!
I am looking at all their resources and am practicing with a bookmark.
Take a gander!

<![CDATA[The Magnet is Fabulous!]]>Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:08:22 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/the-magnet-is-fabulousPicture
A year or more has passed since this piece of metal that is worded "fabulous" has been sitting around my house. I finally came up with an idea of how to use it. How about I create a refrigerator magnet?

Here's the finished product. It was quick! I slapped some PVA glue onto a 3-4 inch strip of magnetic tape.  Then, I placed the piece of metal on top and let it dry. It took 2-3 hours for the glue to dry clear. (You can't see any globs in the spaces, right?) I was  done! What do you think?

<![CDATA[Eas[led]Away the Shakes!]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 23:52:12 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/easledaway-the-shakesPicture
Hey all: I upscaled an easel using my paints from my art and a  little know-how I picked up from framing class. I found and easel that I wanted to give to a preschooler I know.  It had unfinished wood and was a bit rickety.
I painted the main frame, blue on one side and red on the other. (Yes --- to left  over acrylic paint!)


Then, I took hook and wire that one would use to hang frames, and straddled it across the bottom panels. Now when the easel is opened,  it no longer shakes ! Yayyy.
Is there anything you've fixed lately by combining your skills?

<![CDATA[Graphic Designing... Who's Game?]]>Wed, 14 Jun 2017 02:03:17 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/graphic-designing-whos-gamePicture
I have recently been introduced to a website called Canva.  (That's Canva.com)
The website is based on graphic design principles that allows the user to create postcards, resumes, posters, and tons more via the drop and drag  method. You basically start with a template and drag new elements of text or pictures onto the template. You save the template onto your computer and then you can upload it to social media sites. Hmmm.... I think you could create a resume, upload it to your computer, and then send as an attachment to potential employees.
As with most websites, there are the free templates and then there are fee-based ones. What do you think of the postcard I created in under 5 minutes?

<![CDATA[Creatively Designing This Website!]]>Wed, 26 Apr 2017 01:19:38 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/finger-knitting-no-needles-requiredSo I am improving this website! My creativity skills, planning skills, and patience are all in full-throttle.
And guess what?
Now you can leave a comment on this landing page of the website!
Let me know what you think!

<![CDATA[Duct Tape,  Oh Yes!]]>Sun, 02 Apr 2017 23:29:48 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/duct-tape-oh-yesPicture
I can't take credit for this one. An acquaintance at work made this for me!
Thank you Sedera! :-)
Didn't she do a terrific job making this little bag for me.  All she had was duct tape, paper,
and a pipe cleaner for the handle.
Is it so cute, that it makes you want to create one as well, right! Go ahead, you can do it!

<![CDATA[Creatively Writing: Ode to God!]]>Sat, 01 Apr 2017 07:00:00 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/creatively-writing-ode-to-godSo I am in full writing swing right now-- actually working on a manuscript!
One of the ideas I am suggesting in the manuscript is to to write an ode or poem to God. Can't  suggest it, if I won't do it myself, correct? 
Below is my praise in writing to God!

The One and Only
You erase the backlash of pain whether from disease or heartache.
You supply needs -- from bread, to money, to a change of mind or habit.

You created the universe.
Then filled it with the sun, moon, stars,
Plants, animals, people, rocky terrain, and sand-duned deserts.

No thing has more control than you.
Not people in power-- presidents, kings, or  CEO's
Not husbands, wive, parents, or whining toddlers.
Neither spirit beings -- demonic or angelic.

Yet, in spite of your control --
You love mankind and have given all that You are to us!

Who could be so much to so many from the beginning to eternity,
Yet never miss a step?
You, God!
 You are the truly the One and Only.

Copyright 2017, Debra E. Johnson
<![CDATA[Edgy, yes?]]>Wed, 18 Jan 2017 13:26:06 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/edgy-yes
Winter's here and I worked at my crochet. I decided to try something a little fancy. I took a pair of store-bought gloves and added a fancy trim to match a purple hat that I also crocheted. The edging was a little tricky but not too taxing. I think the result is cute!
Share your thoughts! :-)
<![CDATA[Christmas Is Coming!]]>Mon, 19 Dec 2016 08:00:00 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/christmas-is-coming
Now we're just days before Christmas in the United States, so Merry Christmas to all that celebrate! And while I am a Jesus-Christ-is-Christmas-kinda- girl, if you happen upon this website and do not celebrate Christmas, I just wish the warmest and most satisfying start to 2017! :-)
<![CDATA[Jewelry Making Everyone?]]>Sun, 20 Nov 2016 08:00:00 GMThttp://debraejohnson-creates.com/start-here/jewelry-making-everyonePicture
I tried my hand at making a necklace while hanging out with a jewelry maker. She had globs of choices: shiny beads, stone beads, small beads, large beads, letter beads and barely-there beads. What fun!
I thought the finished product looked good. (The clasp was a little wonky; it kept getting caught on my hair. Oh, well here's to trying  the project again sometime.)
Thanks Jen for the experience!
What have you made that you would definitely want to make again?